Want to position yourself as an expert in your niche? Great! You don’t have to know everything about your niche today, but you are going to have to commit to be successful. And that means going all-in. Because expertise isn’t for dabblers.

So, ask yourself: Are you just curious or are you committed?

Ignore the Fear

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” The quote—like many these days—is incorrectly attributed to Albert Einstein. But regardless of the actual origins, the concept is inspirational and valuable. If you’re curious, the moment the you need to take the first risk, you’ll be out.

If you’re committed to becoming an expert, you can’t let fear of failure stop you from achieving great things. No one likes to fail, but if that’s your reason for not taking decisive action in pursuit of your goals, then you’ve failed by default. You’re far better served to take action, fail and learn from that failure than to never take action at all.

Always Keep Moving

As a competitive swimmer growing up, when I got to the pool at 5:30 a.m., there was no dipping my toe into the water to check the temperature. I was expected to jump in and start swimming. And I use that principle as a business test—particularly when I feel stalled. I’m not talking about taking a break or being happy with where you are. Everyone needs rest, and all of us have the right to acknowledge we’re satisfied with what we’ve achieved. But those are both active choices. So even in choosing to take a break or pause business growth, you’re taking action.

But if you’re not committed, a pause might mean you were actually just curious. Then you know this isn’t the business for you, and you move on. Either way, movement equals possibility. And making a course correction is always better than never getting off the starting line.

Seize Your Opportunities

You’ll find opportunities present themselves more often when you’re an action taker. Other experts, potential mentors and possible partners perceive you as someone who gets stuff done. Your task is to recognize those opportunities, evaluate their value and—again—take action.

How many times have you taken an exciting project to a peer or even one of your own team members who initially responds positively but then never moves forward? I find that one of the most frustrating positions to be in. Again, I don’t mean evaluating the opportunity and finding it’s not a good fit. That’s exactly the kind of thoughtful approach you should take to new ideas. But simply not taking the next step? When that’s the outcome, it’s a great indication that you (or your potential partner) isn’t committed to their niche.

So which are you? Curious or committed? Get in touch with me here or on LinkedIn.

Get off your duff!


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