Show Your Strength, Show Compassion

Do you think showing compassion in business is a sign of weakness? Think again. Here’s why this all-important interpersonal skill will show your strength.

Problem Solving as a Skill

News flash: businesses and dreams live or die depending on the problem-solving skills of its employees. Considering this, you’d think there would be no shortage of problem solvers in the marketplace. But the truth is many people struggle with overcoming obstacles.

Giving Thanks: How to Properly Thank Your Supporters

It’s the time of year for gathering together with our families, reflecting on our good fortune and giving thanks for the blessings and fellowship we enjoy. But all that end-of-year reflections shouldn’t just be limited to our personal lives.

Dyslexia is a Gift. Here’s How to Use It.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “dyslexia”? If you don’t think innovation, creativity and objectivity, then you might need a new definition of this misunderstood gift. Here’s how dyslexics are shaping our future.

Why You Should Do What You Love

You chose your niche because of your interest in making, selling and talking about your product. When you do what you love, it can make all the difference.

Why Your Business Needs an Ass

If I gave you the choice between hiring an ass and an asset, I’m guessing your first instinct would be to hire the asset. Who wants to hire an ass, right? But what if I told you an ass and an asset can be one and the same thing?

If You Don’t Know Your Business’ Numbers, You Better Read This

Knowing your numbers is important, but don’t think all you have to do is glance at revenues, profits and margins. To truly know your numbers you need to understand your employees. Are they fulfilled and proactive, or are they complacent and unhappy? The answer will determine your success or failure.

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