3 Simple Steps to Monetizing What You Know

Your expectation is—and should be—that you’ll get paid for what you know. In practice, this can be difficult. Here’s how you can monetize your knowledge.

Get Others Excited About What You’re Passionate About

Passion can fuel you, but can also blind you to when something’s not working. You want to be aware of that, but don’t let the fear of passion run amok scare you off projects entirely. Be cautious, but take full advantage of the “good side” of your enthusiasm.

Why You Should Do What You Love

You chose your niche because of your interest in making, selling and talking about your product. When you do what you love, it can make all the difference.

Unlock Your Future Success with Meaningful Collaboration

I’ve covered the benefits of capitalizing on the relationships with higher-level colleagues that come from being an expert. Equally valuable is collaborating with those same thought leaders on meaningful, innovative projects. Why is collaboration so important?

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