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Sean is a truly fun and inspirational public speaker!

When Sean engages with your audience, it’s always a valuable experience. Sean delivers equal parts of inspiration and actionable advice to businesses within any industry and at any stage of development—from start-ups to top-tier corporations.

Sean can share his thoughts on “Make Your Own Damn Cheese” or he can create a customized presentation for your group based on your specific needs. His targeted, intuitive messages provide useful strategies that apply to everyone.


Small Business Strategist

Throughout the last twenty years, Sean has built an entrepreneurial empire helping businesses solve problems and realize their potential.

Sean is the outside perspective you need whether it’s for solving a specific problem, growing your business or identifying potential pitfalls before you launch a new product. Working on a project-by-project basis, he starts with your desired outcome and determines what’s stopping you from getting there. Sean doesn’t specialize in one industry. His experience across multiple industries gives him the ability to repurpose what’s worked elsewhere. That’s how innovation is born!


Corporate Strategist

Using his expertise in internet marketing and organizational turnaround, Sean provides practical advice on how businesses can expand their reach and learn to respond to the inevitable changes in business and technology.

Sean has worked with big-name clients Amazon, Google, MGM Resorts, BMW, Subaru, Ford, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Inomati and many more. He applies the same outsider perspective to problem solving regardless of the scale of your business. Sean’s goal is to identify, solve and propose solutions. Need to know where to cut? Or where to expand? He’ll help improve your ROI and increase profits.


Our business idea had been percolating away for 5 years but we never knew how to show it to people in a way that made them want to invest. That’s where Sean’s help has been invaluable. You can often get too close to your own business and miss the bigger picture. Sean helped peel back our idea and pitch it at the right audience – in the right kind of way that has really gotten us incredible traction! We’re now seeing great testimonials from our customers and we’re so excited about the future!

Abby Clemence

Infinity Sponsorship

Sean Roach is an extraordinary speaker, coach and mentor… but most importantly… he walks his talk. He has a natural flair for ‘thinking outside the square’ to enable growth in any business or organisation. I am very grateful for the support and the insights Sean has shared with me. His qualities include integrity, humour, resilience and persistence.

Rosemary Teed

The Magic Getaway Foundation - Australia

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