As entrepreneurs, our most important task is to make our customers happy. In exchange, we get paid, and if we’ve performed with excellence, we also get a Rave Review. What we do with those Rave Reviews can be the difference between owning a just okay business and building a strong, successful business.

Rave Reviews make customers your best marketing tool

In the “good old days,” when you were looking to buy a product or hire a service, you had a limited pool of businesses to choose from as well as a small group of people to ask for referrals. With access to the internet, there is suddenly a practically unlimited choice of suppliers. Not only are potential customers overwhelmed by choice, but your expensive advertisements can easily get lost in all the noise.

That’s why referrals—and Rave Reviews—are even more important now than they were pre-internet. With 92% of people more likely to trust their peers than advertising, Rave Reviews set you apart from your competition. The customers who share their great experiences are the best marketing tools you can’t buy.

We live in world saturated by advertising. An authentic endorsement can make the difference between nabbing a sale or being ignored.

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Rave Reviews are unbiased feedback on what you’re doing right

We have to know what we’re doing wrong, but we also need to hear what we’re doing right. And Rave Reviews are the best way to understand precisely how and why your customers are happy, happy, happy!

Negative reviews have their place too. We can’t improve unless we know what to change, and we can’t know unless we listen. That’s why asking for feedback is so important.

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Rave Reviews foster loyalty and engagement

When someone provides a Rave Review, chances are they’re going to be a loyal fan. Engage with their positive experience to spread the word and create that relationship with more people. The more you nurture your Rave Reviewers, the more benefit you gain!

When used properly, a Rave Review is a gift that keeps on giving. Referral-based marketing is hands-down the best marketing tool you can use. Understanding how to use and build on your Rave Reviews is essential!

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