What’s your niche? Are you focusing on one area that is an inch deep and a mile wide?

Business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs ask me to take a look at their strategies and practices every day. When I ask them what they do, many respond with a description that is so all-encompassing, there’s no possible way they can truly be successful. They’re just trying to do too much at the same time!

Choosing the right niche, and targeting the right customers who want and need your product, can shift your business from just so-so to super successful.

When I find someone in the mile wide, inch deep scenario, I ask them, “Who do you love working with? What part of your work is fun?” When you know the answers to those two questions, you can excel. You can own that market. And, once you’ve conquered it, you can add or move on.

But not until you’ve found your inch deep, mile wide niche!

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