Go to any business website, and you’re likely to find a page telling you what the business does and their history. But what do these pages really tell you? How helpful is the information they share? Really, you don’t learn much about the business itself! Wouldn’t it be better to give prospective clients the opportunity to hear who you are and what you stand for? Today I’m sharing a better way to present your business—starting with my own. Here are the eight most important things I stand for in my business.

1) I believe every business owner needs an outside perspective in order to grow.

Sometimes the most obvious mistake is exactly the one you can’t see! When a company has been in business for many years, processes become ingrained and taken for granted. Change is hard, but without revolution, you’ll never grow and succeed.

2) I believe you should be able to afford the help you need to improve your business.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes—as do budgets. But every business needs a sheepdog, and I believe you should be able to get the help you need without mortgaging your future.

3) I believe in observing before taking action.

When you’re deep into your business, identifying a problem area can be difficult. Taking a step back isn’t always as easy as it should be! I believe figuring out the challenges your business faces and how to fix them requires observation before action.

4) I believe in solving your business problems and stepping away.

You want a problem-solver, not someone who moves in and sets up camp. I believe part of my job is to diagnose the problem quickly, provide a solution, and leave you to get back to doing what you do best!

5) I believe in saying exactly what’s on my mind.

An outside perspective might save your project or get you to your goal, so you should want to hear an honest take on your situation. Solutions are often obvious when honest assessments are made!

6) I believe in taking calculated risks.
There are no rewards without risks! I believe in taking chances if all the possibilities have been properly considered.

7) I believe disrupting the norm is how we innovate.
Innovation means change and change means challenging the status quo. I believe getting ahead means putting everyone else on notice that you believe in coloring outside the lines.

8) I believe confronting our weaknesses is how we grow.
We only become stronger by addressing our weaknesses head on. Sometimes you have to confront yourself before you can conquer obstacles.

Now you know a lot more about who I am and what I stand for. You know how I work, the skills I bring to the table and what to expect from our relationship. Isn’t know what I Believe more important than the company history?

h/t Roy Williams at Wizard Academy

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