Are you worried the market you want to target is too saturated?

If market saturation is your concern, the first question you need to ask yourself is “Have I defined my niche?” And I mean really defined it! Because, if you haven’t, I can promise you that you’re looking at your business from the perspective of a mile wide, inch deep rather than Inch Deep, Mile Wide.

Don’t Worry About Market Saturation

Don’t get sidetracked by worry about market saturation. Don’t use the fear of competition as an excuse to give up. If you don’t figure out the reality of how to approach marketing, the challenge your facing will just follow you to your next idea. When you do niche right, there’s room enough for everyone.

Start by defining your ideal client, do market research and make sure you’re as focused as possible. (Click through to the video to hear my tips on easy—and cheap—market research!) All those other folks you thought were saturating your market, who you thought were competing against, will probably just melt away. And, remember, even if you do share a target market another company or entrepreneur, they might actually not be real competition for you.

Check back in two weeks for the next Roach Rants when I’ll be sharing some of my best niche success stories!

In the meantime, get off your duff!


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