Obviously, we all know the internet is great for business. But how great? And are you maximizing your use of this asset?

The internet isn’t the future anymore. It’s the now. But you need more than just a cheap website with a bio tab and your business number. The internet provides opportunities to grow your business that previous generations could only dream of, but only if you really make use of them. Today, I’m going to share a few of the ways I’ve used the internet to great effect.

Access: A Two-Way Street

The internet provides valuable and unique access to your brand and your business. Your customers can visit your virtual storefront 24/7, irrespective of actual business hours. They can research your business and your services on your website any time of day, possibly even managing accounts if you have a client portal.

At the same time, your business gets unprecedented levels of access as well. And not just any access. Targeted access. On the negative side, everything we do on the internet is tracked, recorded and sold. On the positive side, as a business owner, with this level of data collection reaching your perfect customer is easier than ever. Because with a well-structured internet campaign, you can reach millions of valuable clients and prospects instantly. Employed properly, this type of access is a huge advantage.

Building your mailing list, creating content that matters and sharing your brand personality on social media takes work, but if you do it right, you’ll have access to a exactly the type of audience you want for your niche.

Be Like Wallpaper

At the same time, to the everyday user, you can hide behind anonymity. Maybe this isn’t so great in forums or social media, but you can use the concept to further your business. You have the capacity to present products and try different approaches without involving your established brand. Of course, you won’t have the foundation of your established brand to help you along, but sometimes you don’t want that.

And while nothing’s stopping you from reaping the rewards of success, if your initiative fails, you can simply terminate the project without harming your actual reputation.

On the internet, you can workshop your riskier ideas in relative anonymity. You can be like wallpaper, safely unnoticed in the background.

For When You’re Established

When your business is comfortably up and running, the internet offers ways for you to innovate your processes. You have the opportunity to build and maintain an online following of warm, interested contacts who are ready to hear about your latest products and services. Don’t waste this chance to create additional revenue streams! You may already have a separate sales apparatus, speaker gigs, etc., but you can sell and market online as well. You can also get your message out by hosting webinars. You truly are limited only by your imagination.

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image credit: Bigstock/jamesteoh

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