We’ve discussed how passion for your business can be a double-edged sword. Passion can fuel you, but can also blind you to when something’s not working or when it’s time to get out of an enterprise. You want to be aware of that, but don’t let the fear of passion run amok scare you off from your passion projects entirely. Be cautious, but still take full advantage of the “good side” of your enthusiasm. Here are some techniques to direct your passion in a positive way for you and your business.

Passion is Infectious

Passion is—and should be—infectious. In pretty much all areas of life, positivity is attractive. When you display the enthusiasm that comes with true mastery of a topic, customers will respond and share your excitement. Because people naturally want to work with someone who’s enthusiastic about what they do. In the event something doesn’t go to plan (whether it’s your fault or not), your customers will be more forgiving because they like you and value the relationship.

Say Exactly What’s on Your Mind

An excellent principle in any context, but especially true when you’re talking about subjects you’re passionate for. Don’t filter yourself, and your expertise will shine through in a way that underscores both your authenticity and your total authority on your subject matter. Your audience will trust and respect you. This is one of those magical areas where being passionate and being an expert intersect to establish you as a real powerhouse in your field.

When you’ve inspired the customer with your passion, and earned their trust, you can properly advise them and steer them. Capitalize on that recognition, and don’t be afraid to sell. Secure their business, and do a great job! Expand to other areas with them and ask for referrals. Your greatest asset is loyal customers, so use the passion for your business to build your base.

Keep your perspective and don’t get carried away, but your passion for your work is and always will be something that serves you well!


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